QeulpuvaD je HerghvaD 'u'Daq labwi'a'!

Hergh De' QaymeH tlhIngan ta' Hol'a'. pIn'a'pu' Dra'Ham, ewut je loit 'oghlu'pu'. QHUL ghot ponglu'.

Divl'Daq DaH ghoStaH QHUL! 'oH lo'taH 'op Divl' jup. mu'meychay yIlaD:

My son told me about that new technology called QHUL and when I started using it, I was instantly able to reduce my administration effort by 30 percent, giving me much more time for my patients.
Beverly C.
healthcare professional
With QHUL, we now can exchange medical data across all members of the Federation and all our allies.
From a personal point of view, a patient's point of view, the medical checkups for my artificial heart have become much easier since it is connecting via QHUL. I've got plenty of time now to improve my flute playing skills!
Jean-Luc P.
A perfect solution not only for healthcare, but also for psychologists and social services. I really feel positive emotional about QHUL.
Deanna T.
QHUL's connectivity with my decision support subsystems is excellent. And besides, I would not even barely exist without QHUL!
The D.
digital healthcare professional
QHUL's effiency reduced our IT system load significantly. Also, the number of support request from the people at sickbay has dropped to almost zero.
Geordy L.
engineer and CIO
I'm not sure what QHUL is. But it helped us with the vaccination programme on Dramia II and I like the hot logo.
Christine C.
That pointy-eared hobgoblin could have saved me a lot of trouble if he'd just placed his Katra into a Binary resource!
Leonard McC.
healthcare adventurer
A few weeks after we stranded in the Delta quadrant, we were running really low on resources. But then my chief engineer installed the Notepad++ QHUL plugin. Now, building new resources is a breeze.
Kathryn J.
CEO and disaster manager
The LogicalModels are fascinating!
Mr. S.
head of R&D
Since they introduced QHUL on my ship, I keep getting reminders of my overdue exams pushed to my communicator. It's annoying!
James T. K.
ClinQHUL! These rubber band thingies are so adorable. Even more cute than my first tribble!
Nyota U.
communication expert
Copright and imprint (Divl'Daq chutvaD, Doylchlan Hol)